“Who the heck are you and why am I reading this?”

My name is Kimie. Pronounce Key-me-ayyyyyy. It’s Japanese for “one who stands alone”– thanks family, definitely living up to that one.

This is me. This is my face 90 percent of time. And that’s Santos….

I was born and raised on the West side of Oahu, Hawaii. I’m hapa haole, aka HALF WHITE. My dad is Japanese, mom’s from NY and is Swiss and Irish. My Japanese roots run deep and are the epitome of my being as I was raised by some amazing Nissei (2nd generation immigrant) grandparents. Mom and dad weren’t around much when I was growing up since they both taught at the local high school. Too busy raising other people’s kids I guess. Shrug?!

My mind constantly runs with thoughts and ideas. Think about it– thoughts are so extremely powerful. You fabricate them from literally NOTHING and can choose whether or not you bring them to fruition into the physical world…. even allowing a thought to grow in the mind world is like some crazy magic. I’ll get into that some other time. Anyway, my thoughts are becoming freeloaders and we need more space so I am dumping them on you.

Before this gets too long, I will leave you with a series of did-you-knows about me. Maybe it’ll start to answer the “why am I reading this” part of the question. Will you be back for more? I promise you’ll leave with a little more than you came, every damn time.

Did you know that….

-I was born on the longest day of the year? June 21 is the summer solstice! It’s also a weird cusp were sometimes I’m a gemini and sometimes I’m a cancer– but I’m always super annoying so that doesn’t change.

-I was labeled a genius as a child. L O L you gotta hear this– I’ll share more soon.

-I could swim before the age of 3. Totally necessary growing up on an island. I could also talk way too much by that age.

-I am licensed to perform wedding ceremonies in the State of Hawaii. I have also yet to complete a wedding where I am not shorter than the bride, groom, and 90 percent of the guests.

-I cook, I DON’T CLEAN. But I shower about 3 times a day. Not the hair though– that’s a different story.

-I am not religious. I was raised Catholic by a family of buddhists. I definitely will talk about this more. Religion separates people but the true love of God, aka the Universe, aka literally all things, can be taught and learned when one is open to the light.

-I might sound crazy but when I start talking, I usually know what I’m talking about, so listen, respond, and help me grow more.

Want to hear about something from my perspective? Let me know!