I joined an MLM and I’m not crazy

October 7, 2020 0 Comments

You heard it. I joined an MLM business scheme and I’m not crazy. I have actually made money within the first 3 weeks of the business and have the cash in hand!

We’ve all seen it on social media– friends trying to sell products and then trying to get you to sell those products too. It’s an MLM. What is an MLM business? MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing.

According to investopedia.com, “Multilevel marketing (MLM) is a strategy that some direct sales companies use to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors.”

Think about McDonald’s franchises, more or less. You buy a franchise, you sell products (burgers) that already have a nice marketed background and customer satisfaction. You make money. You’re like wow, I’m glad I put my money into this company and these products. You then tell your best friend that you think she should also buy a McDonald’s franchise because she too can make money off of these same products. That’s what an MLM is, just with this lingering stigma of yuckiness that society somehow formulated in the past and stuck to it.

Are all MLMs worth it? NO. Absolutely not. But if you do the right research, have the right access to the right market, and can honestly say you believe in the products working with the right company, you can definitely succeed.

So which MLM did I join? Only the #1 skincare company in the US and North America… Rodan and Fields. Rodan and Fields is a skincare company that was developed by two Stanford trained female doctors. They are the practicing dermatologists that developed the Proactiv solution! They made such a huge impact on teen skin that they decided to address other concerns like aging, wrinkles, discoloration, and even adult acne. Their company was bought by Estee Lauder at one point, but the doctors decided to take it back so that everyday women could profit from the sales instead of the large department and makeup stores that Estee Lauder was present in. Many respectable women I knew used and sold R+F products, so I’d been eyeing it for a while. This year, R+F expanded to Japan. Like, just a few months ago and it’s already booming. If you have connections to Japan, hop on this train NOW. It’s also big in Australia! The final push for me was when I heard about the 60 day money back guarantee on products AND the business investment. So I was like, why not! My friend was making enough to send her son to a private school…

So here I am, thinking about all this adulting skincare, upgrading my own regimen…. and I want it all. So I join the business. I get the biggest kit with everything expensive in it for less than half the retail price because I NEED ALL THE THINGS!!!! I become instantly obsessed with the pore vacuum sucker thingy called the Pore Cleansing MD system (Elle Future of Beauty Award Winner). Even my boyfriend gets excited for sucker day. It’s like spa treatment at home– especially in the midst of this damn pandemic. I couldn’t have afforded it without the business opportunity so I was stoked.

Speaking of at-home spa treatment, I had been looking at dermarollers for a few years. After doing quite a lot of research, I concluded that buying an affordable dermaroller off of Amazon or from a department store was not the smartest thing to do. Poking your face with a ton of tiny needles is supposed to be beneficial, not harmful. R+F’s Redefine Amp MD System (Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Awards Winner) is another one of my favorites. The needles help exfoliate and prepare skin to absorb the strongest Retinal technology available without a prescription (included with the system) which helps smooth and redefine skin. Everyone can benefit from a dermaroller.

I became obsessed with the Unblemish acne mask and there’s no going back. This mask’s main active ingredient- sulfur, is perfect for those who cannot handle other acne medications. After using the Unblemish mask one time, my skin instantly lost redness and my pores were clean. It stopped a breakout and I’ve been using it as a spot treatment whenever I think I might be getting a blemish. This Unblemish mask has so many awards in 2020, I don’t know why I never tried it before.

Aside from finding a few expensive but totally worth it products that I am now obsessed with, I was able to hit a nice bonus after my first 2 weeks in the business which will be buying my new bathroom sink & vanity!! I can definitely thank my amazing team for this. I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity at this time. With all happening for me, I have been finding the randomest ways to make money and R+F has definitely helped my pockets and my face…. it hasn’t even been a whole month yet.

Commission is another way that R+F pays out, and I am excited for that first check as well!

Grandma has been ecstatic with the Reverse regimen I set her up with. She is 90 years old and has major sun damage and discoloration from living in Hawaii! She’s been using it for about a week now and she looks like she is glowing– I NO LIE!! I’ll definitely share more about her soon, with pics!

I’ve been using the Redefine regimen that I was able to afford along side my other fancy-shmancy skincare tools mentioned above that I fell in love with because of the business kit. I was never one to use makeup because my skin was so terrible. My pores were huge and using even those nose peels wouldn’t clean them well. I was trippin out the morning I woke up after using the regimen the night before. My pores were almost invisible. I’ve been using it ever since and hope it helps with my acne scarring too! We’ll see….

Anyway, I joined this MLM and so far I have been succeeding. My pockets, my face, my happiness in accomplishing something with a great team– it’s all worth it. The market isn’t saturated yet (like some hair and dietary supplement companies we know of) so now is the time to join to sell! There are a variety of kits available that you can check out here. Remember, there is ALWAYS that 60 day money back guarantee because we believe in the products and the business so much, it’s risk free.

Why are you waiting? This is the sign you’ve been looking for. Join me. I’m smart. I’m resourceful. I have a great team above me and I always do the research. Questions? ASK! I love to talk business and multiple streams of income. I know teachers, nurses and other professionals who profit from R+F just like me, and I can help you too. My team has regularly scheduled ZOOM meetings where you can hear about the products and the business and you don’t even have to show your face! Free products are always given away during them, so let me know if you’d like to check out our next meeting.

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