Political doozy 2020 makes for great life lessons

Be kind to your neighbor no matter how crazy they are because when your house is on fire, you’ll need to ask to borrow their hose first.

And that is both figuratively and literally.

America is not great.

In our communities both online and in person, we are seeing this huge divide between people over political parties and presidential candidates. We have put ourselves in the position where we live in fear. The left hates the right and the right hates the left! If we were talking about hands, they’d have thrown at each other so much that the head in between would be useless.

When did being a democrat and being a republican become such a way to bully our neighbors? These are the people we have to look at, talk to, conduct business with, and rely on in some shape or form when elections commence.

Vote for whoever the heck you want to, campaign for whoever you want to, yell to the mountains which candidate is the least corrupt– but please STOP bullying, belittling, and badgering others based on the opinions they openly share. Is this not America? Are we trying to go back to the times when our opinions were not welcomed by society unless we were rich white men?

And stop throwing religion in it. Yes, we all need God in whatever form he may appear and appeal to us whether it’s through Buddha, Jesus, a saint, nature, whatever. What we don’t need is to be using that as an excuse to do what is not right– and that is hurting others. When we open our mouths to speak or begin to type what we believe is right in the name of spreading goodness, we must be just that– good.

My grandma always told me “kill em with kindness” and it never really made sense. Still doesn’t if I’m being quite honest. But my faith tells me that it is right. And that is all that matters.

Sometimes I want to correct those that I see have strayed from what they preach, aka social media hypocrites. Eye roll. But that’s all I’ve learned to do. Eye roll. They are spewing enough negativity into the universe, I cannot combat it with more. Ignore, find a kind way to respond, but arguing– that is no longer an option I provide myself.

I find that it is much more peaceful here. I invite you to join me. Where we have our political opinions without making negative assumptions and attaching them to anyone for the sake of not spreading evil in the world. We can all feel it seeping out through our political system during these current national campaigns– as citizens we must do our best not to let it penetrate through us at the personal level. Be kind to your neighbor, no matter how crazy they are. If we must fight for our freedoms at the end of all the fear, we will need them beside us.