Political doozy 2020 makes for great life lessons

Be kind to your neighbor no matter how crazy they are because when your house is on fire, you’ll need to ask to borrow their hose first.

Pan-dilemma 2020

How am I supposed to be content in having wasted almost a whole year in fear of thinking I am risking the health of someone I love?

I joined an MLM and I’m not crazy

You heard it. I joined an MLM business scheme and I’m not crazy.

Starting a business… or 5

Businesses in Hawaii are copied everyday– yup, straight up copied. Even your own family and friends will see value in what you’ve created and have the audacity to become your competition instead of support you…

“How are your hands today?”

I was mentally healing myself. And then one day I read an article about self-mutilation.

“Who the heck are you and why am I reading this?”

My name is Kimie. Pronounce Key-me-ayyyyyy. It’s Japanese for “one who stands alone”– thanks family, definitely living up to that one.

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